Entertainer Permission

Artist Information and Permission for Rising Star Promotions

  • If you would like for us to represent you as an Artist Please do the following.
  • Fill out the form and we receive it I will send you an email address to send your Photo and electronic promo pac to.
  • By Signing this form, it does not mean that we will be an exclusive Agent for you.
  • It only gives us permission for us to help promote you.
  • The photo or video MUST NOT have your name or contact information on it at all. It will be rejected if it does. (Even if it is only the first name) Please make these videos so I can edit them. Do not send us a link. We can not edit it that way. If you want to mail us a promo, put your photos and video on a CD and DVD. (This way we will have both)  
  • After sending us the information we need I will send you our mailing address so you can send us the CD, DVD and promo packs if you want to send by mail.

DO NOT SEND VIDEOS THROUGH EMAIL WE WILL NOT GET IT.  I will give you our mailing address after we have talked

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(This Contact form is for entertainers “only”.
All lines are required. Please fill out complete form below then send it to us.
You will need to check the box at the bottom of the form to make sure you are a real person.